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Diasen Diathonite Evolution, Innovative Insulation!

Diathonite Evolution. Installed at 70mm Thickness with a Spray Machine. Finished by hand with Argacem Lime Plaster, Peak District, 2020.

Diathonite Evolution, Application Process!

This project was a pleasure to be apart of, it took around 6 weeks for us to complete the Diasen Diathonite Evolution and Argacem Lime coats. 

The Natural Insulator, Diathonite, was specified by the client himself upon plenty of dedicated research. Great Choice! 

Spraying The Diathonite Evolution.

Using a highly qualified team and plaster spray machine, a flawless quality finish was achieved with ease, and at great speeds! this allows you to move onto the more exciting fit out, earlier.

Very high vapour permeability ensures that vapour drive continues to expel from the substrate beneath, essential for any solid wall construction. The additional layer of insulation now also eradicates any condensation problems!

Just under 8 tons of Diathonite Evolution were used in total, achieving a minimum thickness of 70mm.

Diathonite Evolution

Finishing with Argacem HP and Argacem Ultra Fine

Argacem is a hydraulic lime plaster, but there’s two versions, Argacem HP and Argacem Ultrafine. Both versions can be seen below; 

Argacem HP contains a larger aggregate and gives a more “Traditional look”. Externally this stands up to the elements better as its a much harder product once cured.

Argacem Ultra Fine contains very fine marble powders. It’s extremely porous due to the high lime content. It blends seamlessly with any other Matt finish, i.e Plaster. Also very soft making repairs seamless.

The Finishing Process

Argacem is skilfully applied by trowel, You can also see how the wall looked after completion!

Video Below will outline the full diathonite process. Also shows insights into our installation method of choice!


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